recycle michaelDid you know that your body is made up of 75% water? That 97% of the world’s water is in the oceans & seas, but we can’t drink it, as it’s too salty? Our drinking water has been specially treated by water companies. There are some natural water sources from fresh springs in the ground.

Water in lakes, rivers and the sea is heated up by the sun and forms little droplets that turn into water vapour and form clouds. When the water droplets get bigger and the clouds get too heavy they burst and it rains. The rain then runs back into the lakes, rivers and the sea and starts the cycle all over again.

We use lots and lots of water every day and we must help to save water.

You can do this by :

  • Having a shower rather than a bath saves 60 litres.
  • Washing up by hand rather than a dishwasher saves 40 litres, plus you save electricity.
  • Not leaving taps running. Do you know that while brushing your teeth you could save up to 80 litres of water by not leaving the tap running? Fill up a glass instead.
  • Collecting rainwater to help water your plants and garden.
  • Collecting rainwater to wash your parent’s car and your windows.
  • Using a water butt to collect water (a water butt is a large outdoor container connected to a drain to collect water).
  • Did you know it takes 9 litres of water to make a newspaper?
  • One of the biggest wastes of water is dripping taps and leaking water pipes.

Remember it is not only us that need water but all the animals and plants as well. Water is used in factories to make lots of different things. It can be heated & cooled; therefore it is a very important product.

Water Pollution – Water is polluted in many ways. Wash powder, washing up liquid and dishwasher detergent running into the water pollutes it.

This can be helped by using environmentally friendly, bio-degradable ones, which means they are able to degrade naturally and cause no harm to the environment.

Water becomes polluted when chemicals from farmers get into the soil, rivers and into the water cycle when it rains. Pollution from cars and factories are released into the air, mixing with the water vapour to form clouds that are made up of acid rain. When this falls, it can kill wildlife and fish in our rivers. Acid rain gets blown a long way by the wind thus spreading the pollution.

Another form of water pollution is rubbish being thrown into rivers and lakes. Sewage leaking into the sea is a huge problem especially for surfers and sea life.

So remember, save as much water as you can. It only takes small changes to make a big difference.

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