Vitamins and minerals are sources of energy found in food and drink.

Vitamins Where to find me What I do
Vitamin A Vegetables, Fruit & Dairy produce Help the skin, eyes and lungs
Vitamin B Oats, Peanuts & vegetables More energy, good for the heart & healthy skin
Vitamin C Blackcurrants, Potatoes, Berries, Citrus fruit & Green leafy vegetables Heals bones, wounds and helps allergies
Vitamin D Dairy produce and oily Fish Helps the muscles, bones and teeth
Vitamin E Spinach, Vegetables, Oil & and Brussel sprouts Helps the body heal and keeps the blood healthy
Vitamin K Leafy green vegetables & turnips Helps keep your blood healthy
Vitamin P Citrus fruit, Apricots, Cherries, tea & coffee Help heal bruises
Where to find me
What I do
Omega 3 Olive oil and fish Help the heart & head aches
Calcium Vegetables and dairy produce Help our bones, teeth, muscles & brain develop
Iron Beans, nuts, peas and dry fruit Protect your blood, skin & nails
Magnesium Nuts, vegetables, peas and tea Keep your blood healthy
Potassium Fruit, mint and vegetables Keep your blood healthy
Zinc Wheat, pumpkin seeds and nuts Helps the brain & helps heal wounds

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