Garlic has a strong smell and taste; it is used to flavour many meals. They are a root vegetable, which grows in cloves; they are related to onions.

Pumpkins are large orange vegetable famous at Halloween. They have a thick skin, which is removed before eaten; also they contain seeds which can be eaten.

Cucumber is another main ingredient in a salad. They are high in water content and are available all year-round, they are often used in beauty products as well.

Lettuces are 95 percent water. They are often used as the main ingredient in a salad. There are many types all over the world.

Spring Onion
Spring onions are an apart of the onion family; they are often used in salads and Chinese cooking.

A mushroom is an edible fungus, which is picked from ground. There are over 250 types of mushrooms, which are edible in the world. Many wild mushrooms are poisonous, so never eat mushrooms that you pick without checking first what they are.

Peas are bright green and they grow in pods. They are a very small vegetable.

A cauliflower is apart of the cabbage family. They are available all year round.

Broccoli is very green in colour. It is a relative of cauliflower and cabbage. It is at its best in the winter, although available all year round.

Sweet Potato
A sweet potato is sometimes called a yam. They are a root vegetable, orange in colour, which is very popular in America and Australia

Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts are a part of the cabbage family. They are most common in autumn and early winter. Often served with Christmas dinner.

A leek is apart of the onion family. It is the national vegetable of Wales.

Sweet corn is very bright yellow in colour and very popular during the summer time for barbeque.

An onion is one of the most common vegetables, used every day throughout the world. They are root vegetables.

Cabbage is made from 90 percent water. It comes in different colours white, green and red. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

There are many varieties of potato. It is a very popular vegetable, which is used in many meals when cooking. It can be used for mashing, roasting, frying and boiling. Potatoes are a root-vegetable that grow under the soil. Crisps and French Fries are made from potatoes as well.