Trees are so important we could not live without them. They are the largest living thing on earth growing up to heights of 115 metres. The name tree is used for plants that grow to at least 6 metres high.

Parts of a Tree – they are made up of:

tree roots

  • Root – the trees anchor
  • Trunk
  • Branches
  • Twigs
  • Leaves – take in carbon dioxide and change it to oxygen for us to breathe
    and sometimes fruit, nuts and seeds.

Trees have seven stages of growth, these are –


  • A seed – before it is even a plant
  • A seedling – the first set of leaves the tree sprouts
  • A sapling – a small tree above 1 metre in height
  • A pole – when the tree has a trunk at least 7 centimetres thick
  • A mature tree – has a trunk that is over 30 centimetres thick, mature trees can make seeds for new trees to grow.
  • An old tree – stops growing tall and makes more seeds
  • And an over mature tree – over mature trees are when they are ready to die or have rotted away.

Trees can live by themselves or in big groups


  • Small trees that live close to each other are called a tree grove
  • An orchard is the name of a group of fruit trees
  • A Forest – is If the landscape is covered with trees
  • A Savannah– is If the trees are scattered across the land

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