For years I have been watching health programmes and it tends to all boil down to one principle; cut out fatty foods and move more, after all; ‘you are what you eat’! Without even realising it, this is one thing I have been able to do quite effectively. My secret to a healthier way of living is growing and maintaining an allotment that is filled with healthy crops.

There is an abundance of health advantages to taking advantage of when you grow your own including exercise, healthy eating, social benefits and a sense of fulfilment when engaging with nature.

Luckily where I live I can take a 20-minute walk to my allotment, which gets my heart racing and this is before I do anything on the allotment. Throughout all seasons I am growing vegetables,

Throughout all seasons I am growing vegetables, fruit and herbs whilst providing my family with organic and home-grown food. I plant, rake, earth up, lift, prune, do the weeding and water, which have some incredible effects on my health and fitness.

Keeping myself active whether it’s a few jobs here and there, has helped maintain my mobility and has kept me smiling (having a pad to kneel on does have its advantages too)!

Eating home-grown produce has had marvellous effects on my wellbeing as well. I know exactly what I have put into the earth, what fertilisers I have incorporated and the pest control solutions I have used, so I always know my crops are 100% organic.

I also know my food hasn’t travelled around the world and damaged the environment around us. It isn’t just me who has experienced the effects of growing your own; my family are also very active in helping maintain this lifestyle. My son has chosen to grow tomatoes in the garden so he can keep an eye on them, Mrs McGregor likes to have her selection of home-grown herbs on the kitchen window sill and my teenage daughter, well she’s a teenager.

It’s also fantastic to see people enjoying the food you have grown from seed and it gives you a great sense of pride. I’m very happy when I hear murmurs of people enjoying their food, which also contributes to good health. If you’re happy then your body is too this is why I recommend people to own or rent an allotment space.

If you don’t have the spare cash, there is always the opportunity to grow in the garden or even in the kitchen. There are physical attributes to growing your own; it’s mentally fulfilling to see them grow into such healthy yields and its ideal when wanting to eat healthier.

Try it yourself and find out what growing your own could do to your health,

Mr McGregor
Mr McGregor is a guest blogger for popular Garden Centre, Notcutts, who are proud to offer their customers the best products and start up kits to get their own kitchen garden up and running.

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