dan the gardenerHow to make lots of Strawberry Plants from only one Strawberry Plant, to grow a lot of strawberry plants you only actually need one. Strawberry plants grow what are called runners; long shoots that grow like crazy.

This makes the plant look like a giant octopus. If you look closely to the new leaves, you will see new roots growing from the shoot.

Ask a responsible adult to get a small knife or scalpel to cut the shoot off, about two centimetres away from the new roots and leaves. This has now become a new plant, put it in a small plant pot of soil and let it grow.

You can take as many cuttings as your plant will let you. As some people do not have gardens, here are some ideas on how to grow plants using tubs and planters. Below, you can learn how to make a tub with lots of strawberry plants growing out from the sides.

What you need: Ideally Children’s Gardening Tools

1 x large round tub 1 x big bag of compost or soil, a responsible adult and a pair of scissors 6 strawberry plants (see how to make lots of strawberry plants from one plant above).

  • First you need to clean the tub out with water.
  • Draw six holes the same size as the top of the plant pot you used.
  • Ask a responsible adult to cut the six round holes out of the tub with some scissors or a sharp knife
  • Make sure the holes are spaced out well as possible, strawberry plants like space and grow wild.
  • Fill the tub with compost until you reach a hole.
  • Gently turn the plant on its side or upside down to ease it out of the plant pot.
  • With both hands put it through the correct hole while someone pours the compost on top to secure it in place.
  • Do this for each pot eventually ending with a full tub of compost, plants and juicy strawberries.

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