• It is amazing how a seed can be kept for years and it still grows when you plant it.
  • Seeds are living things which live inside a shell which protects them.
  • Inside the shell, they have an embryo which it grows into.
  • Inside the seed shell, there is also food which the baby plant will live off when you put it into the soil and feed it water.
  • When you plant a seed and it sprouts it is called germination.
  • When the plant has eaten all of the food in the shell it pops up and searches for light.
  • In Israel, scientists discovered a seed of a date palm tree that was 2000 years old. This ancient seeds sprouted into a new plant now that’s amazing.

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How seeds travel

  • There are many ways in which seeds travel. Different parts of nature help them out along their way, seeds are designed in special ways to help them travel
  • Maple and Pine tree seeds have wings that help them spin to the ground and glide through the air.
  • Seeds from plants like poppies are small so get taken by the wind when the pod cracks open.
  • Orchid seeds are even smaller they are tiny specks.
  • Birds eat lots of seeds and transport it as they are travelling across the world.
  • We spread them around everywhere so different countries get each other’s plants.
  • When Georgie the Magpie finds interesting plants or tasty fruit he brings some seeds back for Dan so he can grow them in Three Little Woods.
  • Some animals eat seeds and store them on forest floors so when it comes into the right season the seeds will germinate.

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