dan the gardenerLike potatoes & onions can be replanted after they’ve been picked. This is because they still have roots attached to the vegetable.

This means you can replant the potato & have a completely new potato plant.

To plant a new potato it must have white roots still on it. Prepare a small plant pot with some soil in. Put the potato in the pot and cover with soil. When it is still small (not for long), keep covering the leaves with more soil. The potato plants love this and grow through to find the sun.

The best time to plant potatoes is in spring. If you don’t have a garden there is no need to worry; there is another great way to grow potatoes. All you need is the following.

  • 1 medium-sized green dustbin or a large recycling tub.
  • A bag of soil.
  • 2 small potato plants as shown before.
  • A responsible adult and a pair of scissors or sharp knife.

To do this you will first need the help of an adult.

  • Turn the dustbin upside down and with the scissors make nine drainage holes in the bottom, each hole being about the size of a two pence coin.
  •  When there are drainage holes in the bin you should fill the bin about 20 cm deep with soil.
  • Dig a hole the same size as the plant pot and carefully place your pre-grown potato plant in the hole.
  • You can then cover your plant with soil and wait for the leaves to grow through and cover it again until it reaches the top.
  • This is because potatoes plants love growing through the soil to find the light.
  • By the end of the summer when the potato plants and flowers have died and you will have a dustbin full of potatoes.

When you have bulb vegetables like onions and garlic, leave them in the dark until you can see green shoots growing. The garlic clove or onion can then be planted in soil with the green shoots going up ready to see the light and carry on growing.

Root Plants: A Root plant is a plant that grows stems and leaves above the ground, and vegetables or other foods such as nuts under the ground. Even some flowers like daffodils are root plants, as their bulbs are underground, but their stem and flower is above ground. Root plants can be grown from seed, bulb, special nuts and the vegetable it came from if it still has roots.

These are a few root plants :

Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Beetroot, Crocus flowers, Garlic and Monkey nuts.

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