An overgrown garden may not look as neat as a tidy garden but it provides homes for lots of insects, animals and birds. Overgrown gardens create an ecosystem for lots of creatures to live in. When plants grow big and you do not cut the grass, lots of creatures create a home for themselves and their families and are able to find more food.

More animals will visit your garden if there is a place to make a nest. For example, a pile of logs in the corner of the garden is a haven for animals like hedgehogs and mice because the space is big enough for them to make a nest and start a family and small enough to stop bigger animals coming in. A pile of logs is a great shelter for small animals in the cold months of winter when they need a safe place to hibernate or protect themselves from the weather.

The importance of Bees

More plants in gardens are needed, the more plants there are means the more flowers we can visit and pollinate.

The world needs more Bees we provide a vital service to the planet we definitely need a lot more of us.

To find out more about the amazing life of a bee please check out my Queenie the Bee page.

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Compost heaps create an ecosystem for insects and invertebrates. By making a compost heap you attract creatures from all over that help to turn your green waste to compost in no time.

Compost heaps also provide food and shelter for creatures like worms and snails. Having worms in your compost heap is great because they eat the greens and poop it back out as a rich fertilizer. Worms are great as they know not to eat plants or their roots.

Grow more Trees, really big ones so me and my friends have bigger and safer places to live and raise our families. All kinds of trees, bushes and hedges provide great homes for us Birds.

The big tall trees are great because the cats can’t get us, we can make nice cosy nests and hide away from Nan Fran when we pinch her homemade bread.

The twigs and leaves that fall from plants and trees are great materials for making a warm nest for our babies in the springtime when we have the new leaves to camouflage our nests. Remember keep it evergreen, the world needs more Trees.

Let your garden overgrow because with everybody building lots of houses and cutting down trees the animals, birds, insects and plants need a place to call home and live in peace.

We let the blackberry thicket at the bottom of the garden grow wild because the birds and small animals love the berries at the end of the summer, also you can make some tasty jam (that’s if you can get there before that naughty Magpie Georgie) So remember if you have a garden and your parents want to tidy it up, tell them what Dan The Gardener says, keep it green and help save our wildlife.   

Lots of plants and a good overgrown garden are brilliant for when caterpillars want to make a cocoon and grow into a Butterfly. For lots of us to do this, we need loads of plants with many leaves.