Nan Fran’s Cottage

is in the heart of Three Little Woods. This is where Nan Fran, Dan and his dog Skipper live.

The cottage is very old and was built by Dan’s great Grandad who also planted the great oak tree around the side.

Inside the Cottage is a lovely old kitchen where Nan Fran cooks and bakes her favourite (and famous) treats.

All of the power used in the Cottage comes from the Three Little Wood wind turbines.

These Wind Turbines use the power of the wind and turn it into energy which powers the whole of Three Little Woods.

Outside of the Cottage is the garden where Nan Fran and

Dan grows fruit, vegetables, flowers and lots of other

amazing plants.

Although only Nan Fran, Dan and Skipper live inside the Cottage lots of animals, birds and insects live in the garden like Georgie the Magpie’s family and Florence the Earthworm in the compost heap.

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