Dan The Gardener

Hello, my name is Dan, I am a local gardener in Three Little Woods with my Grandma “Nan Fran”.

I love working in the outdoors and I think plants are amazing, they are breathing, living creatures who share our planet. Find out more>>

Recycle Michael

Hello, my name is Recycle Michael, I live in Three Little Woods and help Dan The Gardener.

I am here to show and encourage you how to recycle, reuse materials and reduce waste also how to save energy and water. Find out more>>

Skipper The Dog

skipper the dog
Hello, my name is Skipper, I am Dan The Gardener’s dog. Dan and I go everywhere together I even ride with him in his van and sit by Nan Fran’s fire. Every season is amazing in Three little Woods. Find out more>>

Rusty The Lawnmower


Hello, my name is Rusty, I am Dan The Gardeners trusty lawnmower. I am completely self-sufficient, I run on solar power and vegetable oil and have a solar panel on my head. Find out more>>


Jennifer Pickles

Hello, my name is Jennifer Pickles, and I am the local school teacher. I have recently moved to Three Littlewoods from a big city, I enjoy working with Dan The Gardener and Recycle Michael . Find out more>>

Jake - Dans Friend

Hello, my name is Jake, and I live with my mum Claire. I love helping Dan and want to be just like him when I grow up. When I am not at school I am out having fun with my best friend Jasmine. Find out more>>

Nan Fran

Hello, my name is Nan Fran, I’m Dan’s grandma. Dan has lived with me since he was a little boy. We live together in a little cottage called Fernleigh in the village of Three Little Woods. Find out more>>

Jasmine - Jakes Friend


Hello, my name is Jasmine. I live with my Mum and Dad, who owns the local garden centre. My best friend is Jake. Like Jake, I too love living in Three Little Woods as it is the perfect place to live! Find out more>> 

Gigi The Butterfly

Hello, my name is Gigi, like Jennifer Pickles I too have travelled to lots of places. I like to meet lots of new people but I always come back home to Three Little Woods to see all my friends and to tell them all of my tales. Find out more>>

Digger The Mole

digger the mole
Hello, my name is Digger; I am a garden mole who can no see very well, I bob up here and there annoying everyone as I leave a mess in their pretty gardens even though I do not mean to. Find out more>>

Florance The Earthworm

Hello, my name is Florence, I am an Earth Worm who is very intelligent. I live in the compost heap in Nan Fran’s back garden. I am here to provide you with interesting facts about the environment and how you can help. Find out more>>

Queenie The Bee

Hello, my name is Queenie and I am Queen Bee of Three Little Woods. I love telling people what to do because I am sure I always know best! Little Miss Bossy Boots is what they call me but I think it is because I am so organised. I have to be. Find out more>>

Georgie The Magpie

Hello, my name is Georgie the magpie. My nest is in Nan Fran’s oak tree, near the compost heap. Being able to fly is amazing, when Dan catches me pinching the fruit I can just fly away! Find out more>>

Dan's Van


I try not to drive a lot as the fumes that motor vehicles produce are bad for the atmosphere. In Three Little Woods, we have a special plot of sugar cane which we convert into fuel to power our cars. Find out more>>

Three Little Woods

Three Little Woods is the home of Dan The Gardener and his friends. Three Little Woods is a countryside village with one big Beach and another two when the tide goes out.

Further into the village are the Great Woods where some trees stand at over one hundred feet tall to get the best sunshine. Three Little Woods runs on the energy produced by the waves, sun and the wind. Find out more>>

Fernleigh Cottage

Fernleigh Cottage
Nan Fran’s Cottage is in the heart of Three Little Woods. This is where Nan Fran, Dan and his dog Skipper live. The cottage is very old and was built by Dan’s great Grandad who also planted the great oak tree around the side. Find out more>>